Emotion vs Logic

Emotion is one of the strongest factors in the real estate marketing equation. Often logic is largely ignored, even by the most hardened consumer. Understanding this is very important for any truly professional real estate agent.

Real estate professionals need to be certain that they can provide all the (accurate) facts and figures and the core details of all properties they are selling or showing. While the head and the heart are just a few inches apart from one another, they may as well be separated by hundreds of miles. Scientists have studied the brain to physically witness blood-flow during certain activities, and even thoughts can trigger the same regions of the brain that would be activated if you were physically experiencing the event or activity.

There is nothing logical whatsoever about buying an expensive home. NOTHING. Logic would argue that a more modest dwelling could satisfy most of the needs of a much more expensive home. Often logic says renting is smarter than buying, even though we all know that logic has been rather effectively skewered by very wealthy landlords. Purchasing a home should strike the perfect balance between logic and facts and emotional elements that trigger in the brain a sense of satisfaction buying a home may produce.

Most human beings resonate more with what something will do for them and their quality of life. Home as an investment is a small - yet meaningful - component. However, real estate agents are not financial advisors. They are marketers of a dream, a way of living, a reward for all the hard work it takes to be able to afford what they are marketing.

Be sure that the agent that you are working with is communicating with both side of your brain and has a clear understanding of both sides of the equation.