The Autonomous Home

The past few months of COVID, wildfires, hurricanes, tropical storms, etc have fueled an accelerated interest in the concept of a home's self sufficiency. The Autonomous Home may just be the ultimate NEXT luxury.

Homes with geothermal or solar power, generators, batteries, hydroponic vegetable gardens, intensely engineered weather-proofing, fireproofing, insulation, rainwater retention tanks, etc are all transitioning in their desirability from that which was once considered the domain of the ultra-paranoid/crazy to the mainstream. The realities of a world with higher risk, rising intensity of storms, warming temperatures, droughts, flooding, pandemics, etc have made what was once considered extreme caution to become prudent and simply wise.

As societies and technologies advance, expect those that drive self-sufficiency to become increasingly more desirable and valuable in real estate. Surface luxuries will always have an audience, but engineered luxury designed for safety, comfort and sustainability - and the ability to weather storms without having to rely on others - will grow in demand as the benefits become more apparent. Not only will these engineered 'luxuries' provide safety, they are almost certain to reduce monthly maintenance costs, especially insurance costs.....a monthly expense that has soared in certain areas more prone to high risk (Some areas are even cancelling insurance because the risks are too high, while others have insurance costs that are so high, not getting insurance is cheaper assuming re-building every 7-10 years!).