Walls and Floors

Two re-decorating items that can produce the most impact-for-the-dollar when marketing a property for sale are:

Yes, good old paint has the capacity to radically transform the appearance of a home inside and out.....and it can be the cheapest fix behind a major cleaning/tidying. Too often, personalized color choices or dirty, scuffed surfaces are easily - and inexpensively - cured with a fresh coat of paint. Even the most beautifully furnished homes with superb art often require a color change. While the multiple shades of white have traditionally been the 'go to' for real estate marketing, times have changed and there are other less taste-specific options that are neutral and as effective. Sometimes an all-white interior can appear bland or too generic. One or two accent walls or alternative colors can make a room more interesting. A freshly painted front door in a color can set a nice tone. A newly painted garden gate is great as well.

Improving the appearance of floors can include a simple buffing of wood floors, sanding and re-finishing, brand new hardwood floors, new carpet, etc. The floor surface is one of the largest surfaces visible besides walls and MUST show fresh and clean to be effective. Most people think re-doing floors is an enormous and expensive undertaking (they are wrong). Taking care of this item pro-actively is certain to deliver results. Bathroom tiled floors are more complex to replace, although this is an area that should be evaluated as well.

While shades of white are usually a reliable choice, other neutrals can be considered as long as they allow future buyers/renters to imagine THEIR lives in the space. Anything and everything that distracts the thinking and consideration a consumer has when imagining their lives in a new home requires our attention as marketers. Without great marketing, their can be no great sales!

The COMPASS CONCIERGE program can be especially useful with paint and floors if cost or use of capital is a consideration. Call me for more information.